Book Wishlist

The list I previously had on this page was getting too long to keep up with. You can now view my wishlist HERE in my Google Doc.

The books in this list is a mix of recommendations from friends, B&N, Goodreads, reviews from other blogs, and anywhere else I may have seen a book that caught my attention. Seriously, this list is OUT-OF-CONTROL! I have no idea when I will ever read all of these books, especially since the list NEVER stops growing. If you see something on the list that you recommend I read, let me know. I tend to read those books first. Or if you think there are any titles I need to add to the list also let me know.

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      1. I love your picture! It is SO true... on my GoodReads list, I have more 'To Be Read' than Read books!


      I love hearing from you! I appreciate all comments and will try to reply as soon as possible.