Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Picture Post!

I've decided to change Wordless Wednesday to "Picture Post!" because I like giving explanations about my pictures which is not exactly "wordless". Same post, new name. Here is today's picture...

Book art

This week I am in Atlantic City, NJ in a brand new hotel on the famous Boardwalk. I wanted to share a picture of the Boardwalk, but the weather has not been in my favor (it's been rainy and gross). Beyonce is at this hotel all week for her concert here on Friday. I was hoping to snap a pic of her but no such luck, although I did hear her practicing (behind closed doors) which was pretty cool. Then I thought about taking a picture of something in the hotel- it is a very cool hotel visually with lots of fun decor and art, but I never got around to it (working here has been a bit of a nightmare). Geez I feel like I am full of excuses. As I was laying in my room one night I noticed the art in my room was made of books, so I took a pic of those. They are fun and I kind of want to take them home! I know this is not the most exciting picture but it is not often that there is book decor in my hotel rooms (besides the books I have laying everywhere). Hopefully before I leave I get a few more pics and can share them later.

That's today's Picture Post! What do you think about this fun book art? Leave me a comment and let me know

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